How you can save on gift cards and more at Macy’s

  • November 1, 2021

The biggest discount retailers are giving you more options to save on your gift cards this holiday season.

Macy’s, which has a gift card policy, is offering $2 off select Macy’s items.

Macys has also lowered the prices of some Macy’s gift cards.

Check out the Macy’s website for the full list of discounts.

You can also get up to $10 off your first order with Macy’s coupon code “GiftBuddy” when you shop at the Macys website or on the phone.

For $10 you can get $20 off an order of $25 or more.

Macy and Best Buy also have gift card deals.

Macy has a $10 savings off select clothing and accessories.

Macy said the coupon is valid for the next 24 hours.

Macy also has a few other discount items like a $25 off home improvement and furniture deal, and a $15 off car wash coupon.

Macy is also offering a $5 off a pair of sunglasses when you buy $25 in gift cards at

Macy stores will also offer some discounts on select home goods and services, but there are no deals on electronics or appliances.

Macy doesn’t offer the same deals for groceries or electronics.

Macy says the savings will last for 12 weeks, but you can try the savings at and

For more information on Macy’s holiday season, go to

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