How to use gift guide for PS4, PS3, PS Vita and PS Vita Pro

  • August 18, 2021

The most common questions about buying gifts for your girlfriend, girlfriend, and partner have to do with buying gifts and gift cards for them.

For PS4 and PS3 it’s the PS4 Gift Card which costs €30 and PS4 Pro which costs £50.

There are a few different ways to use these cards but the most basic of them is to buy gift cards from the PS Store.

PS Store is your basic PS4 Store, which you can buy gift card on PS4 from the store itself or from third-party merchants, like Amazon, which is €4.99 a year.

You can also buy giftcard from a partner at a time when the PS3 and PS2 are still available.

PS4 has its own gift card store for PS3s and PS 2s, which costs 5€ and 6€ respectively.

PS2 is also a separate store, which has the same pricing as PS4 but it only offers the PS2 Gift Card.

The PS3 Store has the PS 3 Gift Card and the PS 2 Gift Card, which cost €20 and €20 respectively.

If you’re buying gift cards at a PS Store, you can add gift cards to your account at any time.

If the PS store isn’t working for you, you’ll be able to buy the PS Vita Gift Card from the same PS Store as well as the PS 4 Gift Card at a later date.

If your PS Store account is set to auto-renew, you won’t need to worry about your gift cards getting cancelled.

The only downside to buying giftcards from PS Store isn’t that you’ll end up with a bunch of gift cards but that PS Store’s prices are so much cheaper than the store you’re using it for.

You’ll need to set your PS4’s account to auto renew after spending €20 on PS3 or PS2 gift cards, which means that your PS Gift Card will get charged the next time you make a purchase.

The same is true for PS Plus.

If that’s the case, you might not even need to buy a gift card at all.

You could buy giftcards at a local PS Store and buy gift codes for your PS Vita or PS3.

If all you’re doing is purchasing PS4 gift cards and using the PS Plus gift codes, then you’ll have to be patient with your gift card and you’ll probably want to purchase gift cards after you have used up the PS Gift Cards you’ve already purchased from the stores.

If buying gift codes from the PlayStation Store costs you less than buying gift card from a PS Plus store, then that’s probably a good idea.

You don’t need a lot of PS Gift Points or PS Gift Credits for a PS4 purchase, which gives you plenty of time to save up enough to buy gifts for a girlfriend or girlfriend and partner, which will make your PS Plus purchases even more worthwhile.

You’re free to buy PS Gift Codes from the official PlayStation Store, but we recommend buying giftcard codes from a third-parties like Amazon instead.