How to save your money with a virtual gift card

  • August 4, 2021

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Oculus Touch Card for Oculus VR or Oculus Home: If you own an Oculus Touch Card, you can use it to buy Oculus Home or Oculus Touch.

You can also buy a gift card for Oculus Touch cards.

You need an Oculus Home to use Oculus Home and you can purchase a gift credit for Oculus Home cards.

Oculus Touch Cards are compatible with Oculus Home but not with Oculus Touch (they can only be used on Oculus Home).

If you are a member of the Oculus VR community, you will be able to use the Oculus Touch card to purchase your Oculus Home rewards.

To use the Rift or Touch, you need a compatible Rift headset.

You also need a Rift camera.

The following is a list of products that can be used to purchase Oculus Home virtual gifts: Oculus Home Rewards Card: Oculus Touch Reward Card: Virtual Gift Card (VGC): Oculus Home Card (Oculus Home Card: VR Card): Oculus Touch Rewards Card (VR Card): The Oculus Home gift card is an offer that lets you earn points and gift credits on the purchase of virtual goods with your Oculus VR membership.

If you use the VR Card to buy virtual goods, you get to keep the points.

If the virtual goods are not available in your virtual store, the points are lost.

The points can be redeemed for any Oculus Home reward or virtual goods.

If your Oculus Rift camera is compatible with the Oculus Home app, you may also be able use the points to purchase Rift camera accessories or virtual content.

If a camera is not compatible, the virtual items are available on Oculus Store for your virtual Oculus Home members to view and purchase.

You may also buy virtual items on Oculus store for your Oculus Touch members to see.

The Oculus Touch rewards card is a special virtual rewards card that lets members redeem virtual goods for Rift accessories or Rift content.

The VR Rewards Card is not valid for purchases made with Oculus home credit or gift cards.

If VR cards are available in Oculus Home, you cannot use the card to redeem virtual items in Oculus home.

Oculus Home Gift Cards are available at participating retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Dell,, Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us.

You must have an Oculus home membership to redeem a gift certificate.

To redeem a virtual card, you must complete the application process, complete the form, and pay the card processing fee.

The card must be used within 30 days of your receipt of the gift certificate to receive points.

You cannot redeem a VR card for a reward you already own or are eligible to receive from Oculus.

You do not need to use a Rift cam or VR camera to use your VR card.

You are responsible for all applicable taxes and fees.

You will be responsible for any and all additional charges that may be incurred for purchasing VR content.

You should contact your retailer for more details.

You have up to two (2) weeks from the date you receive your VR credit or voucher to complete the payment and redeem the card.

To buy VR items at participating Oculus retailers, you should contact the retailer directly to confirm the purchase and to make sure the item(s) are eligible.

To find out more about Oculus Home products, visit our product page.

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