How a little girl learned to be a saint

  • August 25, 2021

A girl with autism has been able to use her spiritual gifts to help others.

The child was born with autism and has since had several special needs surgeries.

She had a spinal cord injury when she was just six months old.

She also has cerebral palsy and a learning disability.

Her mother, Barbara Gildea, has had the faith in Jesus Christ and the Bible since she was a little kid.

Gildea said that she is very much a Christian and loves to pray, but that she also believes in the power of the Bible and that it is not just about believing in Jesus but about believing what is right.

“When I see a child struggling to understand, that child is not a victim.

That child is a child who is not going to be able to understand why their life is not the way they want it to be, or why they are hurting,” Gildee said.

When she was five years old, she was diagnosed with autism.

At the time, Gilda said she had never heard of autism.

“I would just say that there is something wrong with me, but I had no idea what it was,” she said.

But when she got to a Christian school, she saw a difference.

“It just changed my life,” she recalled.

And when she found the Bible, she had a newfound faith.

“That was a big revelation for me,” she added.

She went on to graduate from high school and graduated from college.

Now, she teaches Bible study classes in her church and helps children with disabilities find their own spiritual gifts.

“Sometimes you can feel like a failure if you don’t do what God wants you to do,” she explained.

I was not really aware that I was an atheist.

This is why I am here.

I’m not a bad person.

If there is anything that is God’s will, you’re going to find the answers.

What you do is just to find out what the truth is, and then you have to accept it.

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