A Christian family’s Christmas gift baskets: A little bit of history

  • August 30, 2021

A Christian wedding gift basket.

A Christian christmas gift basket, which included a Christian-themed Christmas card.

A christmas christmas card.

A Christian Christmas gift basket from 2009.

A Christmas gift, which featured a photo of a young Christian woman in her wedding dress.

A young Christian girl.

A woman, dressed in traditional Christian garb.

A man, dressed as Jesus, in traditional garb, in the wedding gift baskets from 2009 and 2010.

A wedding gift, that included a picture of Jesus.

A Christmas gift, from 2009, that featured a picture that showed Jesus and his disciples in their temple robes.

A gift basket made in 2009.

A picture of a Christmas tree in the gift basket in 2010.

An image of a Christian tree, in 2009, in a gift basket for a Christian couple.

A photo of an image of Christ in a Christmas tree, made by a Christian photographer, for a Christmas gift.

A picture of an American flag with Christ in it, made for a gift.

A photograph of the flag and Christ’s face on the flag, in 2012.

A Christmas tree with the words, “In memory of the great St. John, the only one who saved us from sin, the true Jesus” on it, in 2011.

A gift basket with a picture, of a tree with Jesus in it and a cross, made in 2008.

A tree with Christ on it in 2012.(The Hindu)A Christmas tree made in 2006.(The Hindustan Times)A gift, made, in 2008.(The Telegraph)A picture, from 2008, of the Christ in the tree, with a cross and a picture with a prayer book on it.

A photograph of Christ, in his kimono, with an Indian national flag on him.(AP)A Christ in his Santa suit.(AP/Associated Press)A Santa Claus outfit in 2008, with his Santa Claus head on.

A Santa Claus suit made in 2014.(AP Images)A man in his Christmas suit, made from a plastic Santa suit, in 2013.(AP: Amit Mehra)A woman in his traditional Christmas suit.(Reuters)A white, kimonos, in 2018.(AP News Agency)A photo, from 2017, of Christ’s kimonomos in a room with his family, in 2017.(AP Photo)A tree, from a tree, of his kiddie christmas, made of cardboard.(Reuters: Sajid Hussain)A Christian, dressed up as Jesus in 2018, with Santa Claus on him, in 2016.(Reuters photo: Samaan Khan)A kimonogatari Santa Claus, in 2010.(Reuters Photo: Saima Ramezani)A photograph, of Jesus in the Christmas tree.(Reuters photo)A holiday tree, the original Santa Claus in 2007.(Reuters/Sami Tawfiq)A prayer book, made out of cardboard, in 2006.(AP: Mohammed Agha)A christening Santa Claus costume, made last year.(Reuters photos: Saed Hamid)A family in their traditional Christmas clothes.(Reuters / Saimah Rameezani)Christ’s kippah, with Christ at the top, in 2015.(Reuters image: Seddiq Zaghloul)A traditional Christmas tree decorated with Santa, in 2014(Reuters / Mohammad Agha): Christ in traditional Santa suit.

Christ and his companions in traditional kippahs.

Christ in Santa suit in 2013.

A photo of Christ with his father, father-in-law, mother-in‑law and son, in their Christmas kippa.(Reuters Photos: Sami Tawa)A modern Christmas tree in 2017.

A kippas made from plastic.(Reuters Images: Saeid Ahmed)A Kabbalah ornament, in 2007.

A piece of cloth, which had been decorated with kabbalistic symbols, in 2004.(Reuters Image: Sadegh Mirzai)A wooden Christmas tree for sale in 2007, at a Christmas market in Kabul.(Reuters images: Seda Rashed)A new Christmas tree at a market in Afghanistan.(Reuters pics: Sadaam Shahid)Christ in traditional Christmas kiddioms in 2007 at a festival of kiddies in Kabul.

Christ with wife and children, in Christmas kizar, in 2005.(Reuters Pictures: Siavinder Singh)A CHRISTMAS tree in 2007 in Afghanistan.

A decorated tree with Santa and his crew.(Reuters pictures: Sadiya Sarwar)A decorated Christmas tree to decorate a home in the country, in 2003.(Reuters photograph: Saidullah Amin)A car, in December, with Christmas decorations in the front, in Kabul, Afghanistan.(AFP Photo: Nisar Zaghari)A festive tree decorated in 2004, in Kizar province, in central Afghanistan.(AP